Welcome to Tigray Artists Association

Welcome to Tigray Artists Association, North America, a dynamic community of diverse and passionate artists united by a shared love for creative expression. Established to nurture, inspire, and elevate artists across all disciplines, we serve as a vibrant hub where artistry thrives. Our mission is to empower artists at every stage of their journey, offering a rich tapestry of resources, networking opportunities, and a platform to showcase their extraordinary talents. As advocates for the arts and artists, we tirelessly champion the transformative power of creativity within our local and global communities. Join us in celebrating the boundless possibilities of art, forging connections, and fostering a legacy of artistic excellence.


Consistently work to remain open, understood, and accountable.


Commitment to high standards, quality, and continuous improvement.

Why Are We Here?

Because great things are done by individuals brought together.

Art holds a vital role in shaping a generation with a proactive awareness of global issues. The visionary founding board of Tigray Artists Association is dedicated to establishing this volunteer association of Tigrayan artists  in North America, a non-political and non-religious nonprofit organization. Its mission is inspiring, aiming to promote artistic expression, cultural awareness, societal advancement, and active participation in democratic systems. Through these efforts, the artists, coming together, aspire to contribute to development and foster peace and goodwill worldwide.


We envision a future where Tigrayan artists of all backgrounds, genres, and disciplines come together to inspire, support, and elevate one another.


to provide a vibrant and inclusive community where Tigray art & artists can thrive, collaborate, and grow.


Celebrating Diversity, Nurturing Growth, Collaborative Spirit, Advocating arts & artists, Excellence in Artistry, Community Engagement, Ethical Integrity, and Innovation:

Tigray Artists Association is for all Tigray artists from all artistic types and desciplines.

Anyone who shares the vision, mission and objectives of the association can become a member of this association. We try to be inclusive and open to a wide range of artistic disciplines and styles.

      1. Visual Artists
        – Painters
        – Sculptors
        – Printmakers
        – Photographers
        – Illustrators
        – Digital artists
        – Mixed-media artists
      2. Performing Artists
        – Musicians
        – Dancers
        – Actors
        – Theater directors and producers
        – Choreographers
      3. Literary Artists
        – Writers (poets, novelists, playwrights)
        – Poets
        – Screenwriters
        – Authors
        – Comic book artists
      4. New Media Artists
        – Video artists
        – Sound artists
        – Digital animators
        – Virtual reality (VR) artists
      5. Art Educators,  Community Artists & Art Therapists 
        – Teachers and professors of art and related subjects
        – Professionals using art therapy in their practice
        – Artists engaged in community-based or public art projects
        – Individuals with an academic or critical interest in art
        – Emerging Artists and Students

    It’s essential to check our membership requirements, and some membership fees might be applied. We aim to be inclusive and welcome artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to foster a vibrant and supportive artistic community.